Draw new sprites

If you want to help the community by designing new sprites, you can of course do so.

Once the work is done, send us the zipped files in .zip format, it must have 26 different images necessary for the animation.

Contact us by email to contact@streamvox.io.

How to draw?

To draw a new character, you can use your usual drawing software as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, or we suggest you to use Piskel, this online application is available on mobile and desktop, and is free for everyone.

Sprite features

Sprite sizes

Sprite images must be less than 100 pixels by 100 pixels in size.

Number of sprites

Sprite images must be 26 elements (images) in total in the zipped file.

Available animations

The characters can be animated and have 5 actions, here they are:

Standing (1 frame)


Walking (8 frames)


Running (8 frames)


Jumping (4 frames)


Dying (5 frames)


Folder structure

Each action image (presented above) must be put in a defined directory:

└── character/
    ├── die/
    │   ├── 000.png
    │   ├── ...
    │   └── 004.png
    ├── jump/
    │   ├── 000.png
    │   ├── ...
    │   └── 003.png
    ├── run/
    │   ├── 000.png
    │   ├── ...
    │   └── 007.png
    ├── standing/
    │   └── 000.png
    └── walk/
        ├── 000.png
        ├── ...
        └── 007.png

Download sample

We offer you this zipped file with an example inside that will allow you to understand how the images are arranged for the character animation.

Download the sample