Available commands

Action commands

Action commands allow you to interact with the current live stream, just type the commands in your streamer's live chat.

Some action commands only work with the sub rank you can get through your streamer's Twitch channel. To find out more, click here.

All commands

Attack!attackrequiredRead more
Ball!ballrequiredRead more
Coins!coinsoptionalRead more
Die!dieoptionalRead more
Fireworks!fireworksrequiredRead more
Join!joinoptionalRead more
Mohammed Ali!ali @usernamerequiredRead more
Mushroom!mushroomrequiredRead more
Reverse!reverserequiredRead more
Spin!spinrequiredRead more
Wave!waverequiredRead more

Free commands

The sub. is optional, so these commands to type in the chat are free.

Coins!coinsRead more
Die!dieRead more
Join!joinRead more

Sub. commands

The sub. is required, so these commands to type in chat are limited.

Attack!attackRead more
Ball!ballRead more
Fireworks!fireworksRead more
Mohammed Ali!ali @usernameRead more
Mushroom!mushroomRead more
Reverse!reverseRead more
Spin!spinRead more
Wave!waveRead more